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 Empower our Youth Foundation is a National antibullying program for youth ages

5-17 years old.  The organization assists families and youth by providing a free service on how to report all forms of bullying to the appropriate authorities in your school, online, and community.  CEO/Founder Tonya Kelly is very passionate about her organization as an elementary school teacher and parent of children who has been bullied.

The nonprofit organization focuses on offering different Antibullying programs youth can attend throughout the year:  Summer enrichment program, virtual learning services, tutoring, Antibullying Fashion shows, community events, and joining Director, Tracy Kane's Kool Kids Club mentorship program.

The mission is to make all kids feel confident and empower youth to "STOP BEING SILENT", but to Rise up and be a VOICE for themselves and others against bullying!!

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About CEO/Founder Tonya

Not only is Tonya a Sports "Diva" but a community advocate for anti-bullying with her Empower Our Youth organization that is working to bring attention to the problem of all forms of bullying happening in our schools and communities. Tonya's motto is "To empower/inspire youth and families to be a Voice against bullying".

She is also a "Teacher In The Community" who is working to inform and educate people about distance learning and educational resources needed to prepare your child for learning during this unprecedented pandemic.

She earned her Masters Of Education Early Childhood Education and is a teacher of third-grade students at a local Columbus community school.


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Since being established in 2017, Empower our Youth Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. The commitment to communities around the nation has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the organzation we are today. We believe our customers always come first - and that means exceptional resources and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Columbus Antibullying Fashion Show

Show Date August 21, 2021

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