It is critical that parents understand bullying. Many children will not inform their parents of any bullying in fear of embarrassment or fear of being blamed. We are encouraging parents to participate in the last 15 minutes of the meeting to engage in weekly topics with your child during the program. 

Director Tracy Kane, goal is that we can all join together to show each other respect and compassion within our communities regardless of diversity or differences. We are all UNIQUE. As an organization we want to make sure our students feel safe and secure at school, at home, and out in public. The community of Kool Kids Club is about giving students their VOICE to take a stand for what is right. 

In addition, we encourage parents to help students remain empowered by this information by having your child become a Kool Kids Club member. The membership is free and will offer tutoring/virtual learning, health & wellness, kids nutritious snacks, Antibullying educational tips, and family fun community events each month.

Each month students will have small assignments they will be expected to work on and come prepared to discuss the next month. Children will be placed in age groups to make the material we discuss age-appropriate. 

The ages of the club 5-17 years old. 

Kool Kids Club Conference

Mentorship Meetings Columbus,OH 


PO BOX 13817 Columbus, OH 43213

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